Precast concrete is increasingly being used in residential, commercial, and municipal projects because it is cost effective, incredibly durable, and very versatile. One such use for precast concrete is fences and walls, which can be installed as privacy fences, sound walls, utility/security walls, retaining walls, and even wood-like ranch rail fences. This course will explore the benefits, applications, and design options for precast masonry fences and walls.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover what precast concrete is and how this prefabricated building product can improve costs, sustainability, and safety.
  • Examine how precast concrete is used in fencing and walls as an extremely durable alternative to traditional building materials such as wood, stone, and concrete block.
  • Explore applications for precast concrete fencing and walls.
  • Identify the variety of precast concrete products and design options available for fencing and walls.

Pre-requisite: None.