Contemporary Design for Changing Times: How Windows and Doors Influence Architecture (Print Course)

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and other forces are changing the face of architecture, including a gravitation toward more contemporary styles and solutions. Many of the related architectural elements — including windows and doors — are rooted in principles introduced by modernists nearly a century ago. This course will closely examine the connection between current events and fenestration design, the enduring influence of modern architecture, design trends and influences in contemporary architecture, and fenestration options for contemporary window and door solutions.


Building Session: Energy Efficient Windows

In this installment of JLC's Building Sessions a panel of experts digs deeper into window energy performance. As we strive to improve the energy efficiency of building enclosures, it seems that windows are not getting smaller and fewer.

If anything, design trends favor more and bigger glass connecting indoor living spaces with outdoors. In the session, learn what builders and remodelers can do to make the most of windows - enhancing the aesthetics, comfort and energy performance of buildings.

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