MFE Trend Talk - Proptech Solutions for Easing Multifamily Pain Points.

In this panel discussion you will hear from multifamily operations specialists on the benefits and challenges of incorporating technology through the life cycle of multifamily apartments, from construction and leasing to amenities and value-add rehabs.

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Multi-Family Executive - 2023 Concept Community Report

This year's focus is on Technology and Innovation in the multifamily industry. It can help with everything from analyzing location data for developers to generating leads for self-guided tours on rental properties. Take a deep dive into how it is changing the way we do business.

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Finding the Right Touch Point: How Multifamily Can Meet the Resident Expectations of Renters by Choice

Jamie Gorski, SVP and Chief Experience Officer at GID, discusses meeting the needs of the more affluent renter. Hear her insights and lessons on navigating the changing rental environment and what she has discovered about this demographic that is helping to keep their large portfolio tenanted.

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Multi-Family Executive - 2022 Concept Community Report

This year our focus is on renters by choice. These demanding renters can easily afford to purchase homes but opt not to due to factors such as lifestyle, mobility, flexibility, and convenience. Learn who they are and what makes them tick.

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How Top Architects Are Innovating The Resident Experience in Multifamily Environments

Kai-Uwe Bergmann, a partner at BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), discusses the innovation behind the SMILE building in New York’s East Harlem neighborhood. Hear how reinterpreting the NY building code allowed them to create a design winning mixed use space that appeals to renters while investing in the good of the community.

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Mixed-Use Rental Development: Attracting Renters By Choice

MFE editor Christine Serlin interviews COO Greg Lamb of Jefferson Apartment Group. Greg shares his expertise on the challenges and problem solving solutions that define mixed-use developments and the lessons learned over his past 30 years in the industry.

Greg recently sold his home to become a renter by choice. Hear why he has chosen this lifestyle and what he knows to be the reasons people choose to rent instead of own.

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J Turner Baby Boomer Research

Baby Boomers are poised to have an outsized impact on the rental housing industry now and into the near future. The aging of the baby boomers is creating a dramatic shift in the age composition of the U.S. population. See what the research says about the future of their housing needs.

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Multi-Family Executive - 2021 Concept Community Report


This year we focus on Baby Boomers. As they retire or become empty nesters will they look for new housing options or new destinations? Their decisions, needs and wants will impact multifamily housing.

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