Future Proofing Made Simple: Which digital home technologies offer builders the best return on investment in 2021?

Home tech is a wild card. Countless gadgets hit the market every year but don't last. Beyond the basics, the best technologies are those that solve real problems. Two of today’s big challenges are how to accommodate home-based work and how to keep the home's occupants healthy.

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Transforming Homes from Smart to Smart and Sustainable

Since arriving in our homes, smart technology has put welcome conveniences at our fingertips. With a growing demand for energy in homes, it is increasingly clear that living spaces need to be not only smart but also sustainable.

Sustainability is a growing concern for home buyers - and builders can take advantage of this by designing new homes that make sustainable living accessible for their customers.

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Towson City Center developers use Mitsubishi VRF system

The Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning system exceeded efficiency expectations in the redevelopment of this Silver high-rise.

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A Peek into This Residential Microgrid Community's Net-Zero-Energy Homes

Electricity 4.0 — the convergence of digital intelligence with electricity.

Take a look at this community, a real-life example of the new energy landscape.

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