M-Pwr Door Video

A collaboration between Masonite, Yale and Ring has created the next generation front door. This short video shows you why these doors will change the future of residential building.

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Understanding Shooter/Attack-Resistant Door Opening Solutions

Active shooter attacks continue to happen in our workplaces, schools, universities and public facilities. These attacks require us to change the way we secure our facilities in order protect the people inside. In order to determine what products and applications are the best suited for active shooter events, a new test method has been developed by active shooter subject matter experts based on the history of active shooter events.

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Technology Trends You Need to Know

Tech enabled homes are now appraising for and commanding a higher price, and the convenience of connection has become a necessity. This paper addresses what is expected in today's market and how to add tech in unexpected places.

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Energy Efficiency Trends Impacting Architecture & Design

With energy prices skyrocketing and homeowners being more sustainably conscious, these trends will help get the greatest ROI when it comes to energy consumption.

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Energy Efficiency Trends You Need to Know

From optimizing the sun through solar tempering to making the right heating and cooling system decisions, this paper details the energy efficiency solutions homeowners are looking for.

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