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Instantly compare thousands of home designs, and optimize for lower costs, energy efficiency and better business results. Cut construction costs and sell more energy-related upgrades. Learn More.

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Production Building Optimization Opportunity Report: How Production Home Builders are finding ways to reduce construction costs and energy bills simultaneously

States are adopting more stringent energy codes every year, and home buyers are becoming more educated and concerned about energy efficiency. Making smarter energy design decisions presents a huge opportunity to cut construction costs while delivering equal or superior performance, therefore increasing profitability. This report will analyze and evaluate this opportunity in greater detail.

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Ekotrope Datasheet

Ekotrope is a cloud‐based solution that gives production builders an efficient, comprehensive, and accurate way to compare the cost and performance of a home’s energy‐related components (windows, doors, insulation, mechanical equipment, etc.). It gives purchasing professionals an efficient way to find the most cost-effective, quality building components, to drive lower construction costs and higher profit margins. Ekotrope helps builders gain superior control over their bottom line and mitigate risks. Learn More.

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