Resilient and Sustainable Brick: Another Look at a Time-Honored Material

Brick is a resilient and sustainable material used in high-performance buildings, a key aspect of sustainable design. Sustainable design considers the health and well-being of building occupants and the concept of resilience, which is to withstand extreme weather events, then quickly repair and re-occupy.

The learning objectives explore the age old material, which has gained traction in resilient design and discusses how buildings constructed of the material provide occupant comfort in terms of thermal, acoustic, and non-VOC emissions.


Lasting Benefits and New Advancements in Clay Segmental Pavement (Print Course)

This course will provide foundational knowledge about clay pavers, explore their benefits and features, and cover what architects and builders need to know for successful specification and installation.


Shaping the Future of Brick: Modern Manufacturing of an Age-Old Material (Print Course)

Brick manufacturing has essentially remained the same since ancient times, but modern manufacturing techniques are much more efficient and sustainable, producing a more durable product. This course will explore the history of brick manufacturing, how the process has evolved, and the continual improvements brick manufacturers are making to shape the future of brick design.


Porcelain Pavers – Quality To The Core

This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. This presentation will discuss the advantages of porcelain pavers in comparison to other types of paving materials. In addition, the course will look specifically at the advantages porcelain pavers have for versatility and strength in applications.

A focus on installation best practices will also be explored, along with ways to enhance projects using various types of installation techniques. Finally, the course will explore a variety of size and color options available for product specification.


Guide for Successful Installation of Thin (Gauged) Porcelain Tile Panels on Interior Walls and Floors

This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. Gauged porcelain (thin) tile technology is exploding in the market and new standards are being developed for the tile and installation process.

This course will help you understand the benefits of gauged (thin) porcelain tile panels, installation methods and which are most appropriate for various applications, occupant and environmental health benefits, common failures and how to avoid them, as well as total project cost and timeline improvement opportunities.