The Ultimate Construction Management Toolkit

Staying on top of custom projects can be tough, especially when juggling the construction plus emails, calls, and texts. We know how much work goes into keeping schedules on time and crews organized. This toolkit gives you tips and best practices on using technology to run your business - from bids and schedules to selections, change orders, and accounting.

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Is Your Technology Holding You Back?

As every builder and contractor knows, finding the right construction software to manage your business can be overwhelming. But, staying with the same system could be holding you back. Take the quiz and find out if it’s the right time to make the switch.

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BuildTools Demo: End-to-end Project Management

Build a better bottom line. Built by builders for builders, BuildTools is proven project management software for builders. Organize and keep all your project information—budgeting, scheduling, communication, documents—in one place.

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Creating a Nimble Organization to Respond to Change

The last year has taught us a great deal about the vulnerabilities that exist in the LBM industry. This webinar is an opportunity to reexamine your business and implement strategies that will help you to create agile systems and structures to face challenges now and in the future.

Host Adam Sgrenci, a frequent contributor to ProSales, describes what it means to be resilient - and challenges you to think about your business.

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Is Your Business Data Protected? Take the Quiz.

The consequences of a data breach to a business are numerous and overwhelming. From paying ransom for your data to notifying customers and law enforcement, a data breach will consume your time until resolved and could cost you business. Is your data protected...Enough? Take our data security quiz to determine if your level of data security is adequate for your business.

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Technology: Your Hardest Working & Least Expensive Employee

A completely integrated, cloud-based business management system gives you all the information you need in one spot so you can streamline your processes, reduce your operating costs, and focus on growing your business.

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Mcommerce Is the Present and Future of Ecommerce

Mobile commerce has risen to become the dominant platform in ecommerce, with no signs of slowing down. Are you investing in mcommerce solutions?

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How to Keep Your Business Safe During the Pandemic

Is your business open or are you considering reopening to employees, the public, or both during the pandemic? If so, you’ll need to make sure that your reopening plan is consistent with applicable local and state orders, and that you are ready to protect everyone in your business—especially those at higher risk—from contracting the virus.

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How COVID-19 Has Changed the Workplace

In the aftermath of the pandemic, it took time for home and building supply retailers to best structure their work and retail spaces in order to reduce risk to employees and customers. Creating a welcoming environment while maintaining social distancing called for changes including creating partitions, new directional signage, and adapting policies for protection. Today, worries about productivity, efficiency, connectivity, and collaboration, have dissipated as we’ve developed ways to adapt to a new normal.

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Construction Management Software Buyer’s Guide

Do you love paperwork? Chances are, you’d rather be on the job site doing what you love instead of in the office. If all the administrative work has got you down, you’re ready for a construction project management solution that streamlines operations and gives you more time in the field. This buyer’s guide dives into industry challenges, highlights features, reviews pricing, and wraps things up with a checklist you can use to compare your top choices.

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