The 2021 Access Control Field Guide:
A door-by-door guide to securing your entire property.

Within the next three years, 54% of businesses are expected to upgrade to a more sophisticated access control system. But choosing the most functional and cost-effective solution takes more than simply selecting smart locks — it takes a holistic, detailed approach that considers all the ins and outs of a single property, from residential doors to common areas, garages, and even elevators.

RemoteLock's access control field guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help any business of any size get started with access control, choose the most effective locking solution for each and every door, and regularly manage the entire system with access control software.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure with an Electro-Mechanical Intelligent Key Locking System

This course will explore how to incorporate electronic intelligent keys, mechanical rotating disc locking technology, and access control software to achieve the highest security access control system available. We will review the current security concerns of North America’s critical infrastructure, describe access control technology and how it works in conjunction with a mechanical and electrical interface, as well as relevant codes pertaining to high-security lock mandates and other mandates for specific critical infrastructure sectors.