Considerations for Accessible and Inclusive Design in Commercial Restrooms (Print Course)

As we move into a more hygiene-focused world, restroom visitors will expect clean, updated spaces that feel welcoming and safe. At the same time, barrier-free, accessible, and inclusive design is putting a greater emphasis on optimizing the planning of commercial restrooms so that they are safe, comfortable, and easy for all occupants to use. This course will discuss accessible and inclusive design considerations in commercial restrooms, including a short history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), plumbing innovations that enable ADA compliance and inclusive design, and options for retrofitting existing restrooms for accessibility.


Single-Family Homebuilder Upholds Reputation for Reliability with FlowGuard® Gold CPVC

Read how this builder grew their reputation in the community partially because of their dedication to choosing products with proven quality and reliability. Since making the switch to CPVC, Cristo has constructed hundreds of homes without any plumbing problems, making the company one of the most trusted homebuilders in the area.

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Top 100 Home Builder Knows FlowGuard® Gold CPVC Ensures Consistent Performance

Read how this builder has earned success through their commitment to providing high-quality homes to buyers - and avoided common mistakes that left other builders open to warranty and water quality issues. Throughout their growth, Homes by WestBay has trusted FlowGuard® Gold CPVC exclusively in all their homes.

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How Plumbing Materials Can Influence Water Quality

This article focuses on the risks that pipes and materials chosen can present risks to water quality themselves. Water quality can be impacted when compounds from within the pipe are released into the water, as water flows through, a process called leaching.

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Understanding the Risks of Chemical Permeation in Residential Water Systems

In this article, we’ll examine another issue that can impact residential water quality: chemical permeation. Permeation is the process by which an outside chemical passes through a pipe material resulting in water contamination.

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Building Healthy Homes Requires Paying Attention to Water Quality

Residential home builders have made much progress in improving air quality issues that can arise in today’s tightly built, energy efficient homes. While air quality gets the majority of the attention, there’s another potential hazard hidden in today’s homes: water quality.

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It's Time to Make the Switch to
FlowGuard Gold® Plumbing Systems

If you’re a builder or a contractor, your reputation is only as good as the materials you choose. Reduce your risk and make the switch. See why FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems is the proven system of choice by professional plumbers.

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Adopting Sensor Technology Throughout Commercial Restrooms to Optimize Hygiene and Sustainable Design (Print Course)

Plumbing manufacturers are laser-focused on hygiene, sanitation, and accessibility, developing products that play an essential role in fighting disease. Anything that eliminates or reduces the number of surfaces the user touches cuts down the potential for cross-contamination, be it bacteria, virus, bodily fluids and waste, chemicals, and more. Sensor-operated restroom fixtures that prevent the need to touch surfaces are an important component of hygienic restroom design. These sensor-based, touch-free products include faucets, flushometers, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. This course will explore these sensor technologies, including their history and cutting-edge advancements that can help projects optimize hygiene and meet sustainability goals.


Specifying Code-Compliant Toilet Partitions (Print Course)

This course will enable learners to better select and specify code-compliant toilet partitions for commercial restrooms. By the end of the course, learners will have gained familiarity with fire codes and accessibility standards as well as how to write more comprehensive toilet compartment specifications that leave little room for error.


Sink Selection for Sustainability and Accessibility (Print Course)

This course reviews restroom design trends for commercial buildings by focusing on sink/lavatory system technology and the sustainability and accessibility trends surrounding them. The program will discuss the expanding role architects and designers play in accessible designs – striking a balance between hand washing needs and design flexibility.

The program compares a variety of sink/lavatory systems and corresponding components. It discusses how each component can enhance the sustainably of hand washing functions while still providing style within a space. Additionally the course will cover appropriate ADA, LEED and Wellness design criteria.