Architectural Stone Veneer: What Works and What Doesn't

As the aesthetics and reliability of manufactured stone veneer (MSV) has improved, the market for this exterior cladding has increased exponentially. In the last five years, manufactured stone has consistently appeared at the top of our annual Cost vs. Value report as a remodeling project with one of the highest ROI. And it’s increasingly common on homes and light commercial offices, hotels.

However, with the increasing market opportunity comes increased risk for contractors installing it. Like any exterior cladding, manufactured stone must be installed over a drainage plane that directs water down and out, away from the wall. How is this done for MSV? What does code require and what changing developments will affect building practices?

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Helping to Decarbonize America

Focusing on the future, GE has worked for two decades to advance green building initiatives. Hear what they are working on now and what they offer to help pros advance sustainable building practices.

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MFE Trend Talk - Proptech Solutions for Easing Multifamily Pain Points.

In this panel discussion you will hear from multifamily operations specialists on the benefits and challenges of incorporating technology through the life cycle of multifamily apartments, from construction and leasing to amenities and value-add rehabs.

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Building Session: Retrofit Air Sealing and Insulation

In this installment of JLC's Building Sessions, we look at options for air sealing and insulating the building enclosure during renovation work.

Is it worth improving the thermal performance of just one space? We think it is. Even if the work you do won't have a big impact on energy bills, it is critical to improve occupant comfort and protect the durability of the building.

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Performance Door System Video

Securing a tight home starts and ends at the door. See how the features of this high-performance door system work to keep the outside out and the inside in.

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Induction Cooktop video

This video explains the functions, benefits and the technology that makes induction cooktops a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional gas and electric models.

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Dual-Fuel Energy Systems: Best Practices and Code Considerations

Energy codes are constantly changing across the country, hear architecture and building pros discuss their experiences specifying dual-fuel systems, including reliability and energy-efficiency.

Learn more about these solutions that include propane within the context of other energy sources, plus how to address code compliance.

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Café Collection Video

Customizable appliances that range from modern to traditional, comfortable to contemporary. Check out these fresh ideas and stylish options for your clients looking to make a statement with their kitchen design.

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GRACE SELECT™ smooth surface roofing underlayment is slip resistant, lightweight and easy to install. It is an approved ICC ESR-1677 underlayment to be used as an ice barrier and has a Class A fire rating for fiberglass shingles. This short video explains why it should also be the go to for all your projects.

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Fireplace Design Fundamentals and Trends: Incorporating Fireplaces into Your Dream Project

How to make your fireplace design ideas come to life. Fireplaces have long been a focal point of homes and gathering places. With advances in technology, the fireplaces of today can fit just about any space.

In this expert panel discussion with ARCHITECT's Editor-in-Chief, dive into the possibilities of modern fireplace design. Examine case studies and ideas for hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces; including fireplace types and fuels, specification considerations, and how to bring your vision to life.

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