Sales Blueprint for Building Pros

This paper lays out a proven sales process for building pros, regardless of company size or location. Learn the starting point to any good sale, qualifying or disqualifying leads and the steps to getting the final signature.

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Helping to Decarbonize America

Focusing on the future, GE has worked for two decades to advance green building initiatives. Hear what they are working on now and what they offer to help pros advance sustainable building practices.

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MFE Trend Talk - Proptech Solutions for Easing Multifamily Pain Points.

In this panel discussion you will hear from multifamily operations specialists on the benefits and challenges of incorporating technology through the life cycle of multifamily apartments, from construction and leasing to amenities and value-add rehabs.

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Induction Cooktop video

This video explains the functions, benefits and the technology that makes induction cooktops a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional gas and electric models.

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Technology Trends You Need to Know

This paper provides problem solving ideas and suggestions on how to add tech to your projects in unexpected ways.

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Using Smart Appliances to Solve Multifamily Challenges

This paper details the perceived value proposition of smart appliances to multifamily property owners and managers as well as the drivers and barriers of smart appliance adoption.

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Appliance Selection Guide

GE Appliances is helping their builder clients grow. Here are the brand offerings and programs that will help you compete in any market.

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The Best Tax Deductions for Builders

Make sure you are getting every dollar out of your deductions. Here are ten expenses you can deduct as a builder that you may not know about.

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Multifamily-Tough Appliances

See why these appliances stand the test of time and hold up to even the toughest tenants.

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The Official Home Builder Sales Playbook

This playbook offers real world solutions to modern moving problems by providing scenarios of chronic obstacles and ways to overcome them.

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