Why Avenue5 Residential Replaced Deposits With Lease Insurance Portfolio-Wide

Faced with constantly changing legislation and renter affordability issues, multifamily operator Avenue5 Residential, found security deposits and their alternatives to be a suboptimal practice that left their properties exposed to risk and added extra work for their teams. In effort to solve these issues, the operator selected LeaseLock as its exclusive national vendor to replace deposits portfolio-wide.

With LeaseLock's fully integrated lease insurance, Avenue5 gained stronger loss protection, alleviated administrative burdens for property teams, and created more affordable move-ins for their residents.

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Stay Ahead Using Construction Technology

From cutting checks to getting compliance documents signed, you are probably shuffling way too much paper. Learn three ways to reduce paper, save money and gain a competitive advantage.

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Amenity Trends that Boost Resident Satisfaction

From resident retention to attracting the best leasing candidates, amenities are the key. To be successful you need to stay informed on the latest trends. This paper will help you create value through offerings and improvements.

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The Power of Connection

Broadband gives multifamily properties the competitive edge with renters, but there is more. From operations and management to the financial advantage, this paper answers your questions.

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Contractor's Corner: 7 Ways to Happy Customers and Getting Paid Faster

Are you having issues getting paid for your work? It may not be what you think. Dive into the common reasons why customers don't pay on-time and what you can do about it.

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Contractor's Corner: Secrets to Managing Your Cashflow

How do you manage your business' cashflow to keep everything running smoothly - as well as plan ahead for periods of lower revenue? Learn what needs to go into a cashflow management process: from what drives the health of your cashflow, to tracking metrics, balancing seasonal changes, and more.

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The Mezzo Full Frame Replacement System

No special equipment, training or cutting skills required. This innovative technology was designed to increase productivity and profitability for full frame window replacement projects.

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Compete for Skilled Labor with Better Payment Options

Pay your subs faster, creating an environment they want to return to. Plus, get lien waivers signed simultaneously, at the time of payment, to keep financing and construction loan draws on schedule and your business moving forward.

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3 Reasons Why Deposits Need Replacement, Not Alternatives

Site team workload is central to property management companies' thinking about the processes they could implement to improve operations. Security deposits have been around in the multifamily industry since time immemorial, but they have increasingly become a suboptimal way of doing business.

This white paper will discuss the failures of deposits, and how replacing them with insurance reduces workload for property teams, improves customer experience, and boosts financial performance.

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Mobile Rent Payment Video

This short video shows the user experience for mobile rent payments and will help you understand the benefits of the experience and how it can ease and facilitate the rent payment process.

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