The Burke Lockable Dowel - Revolutionizing the Post Tension Process

Imagine a post-tension concrete project with no pour strips, improved job site safety, and a process that eliminates approximately 30 days of construction time. View this quick step-by-step animation of a slab-to-wall installation.

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Revolutionizing Post-Tension Precast Concrete

Save a significant amount of time and materials over other construction methods with the use of Burke Lockable Dowels. Improve site access, minimize formwork requirements, and accelerate the rate of construction.

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Burke Lockable Dowel Fast Facts

The Burke Lockable Dowel eliminates the need for unsafe, costly and disruptive pour strips. In most cases, project schedules may be cut by up to 30 days or more. Review some of these fast facts.

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Goodbye Pour Strips: Post-Tensioned Breakthrough Now Available in the US

Burke Lockable Dowel system is transformative—allowing for quicker delivery schedules and needless disruption. No pour strips. No safety worries. No shoring or cleaning.

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Reshaping Residential Design and Beyond: 6 Key Trends and the Influences Behind Them

From rusticated design to office-residential conversions, hear more about architectural trends and the forces behind them.

In this wide-ranging discussion we review six key trends—and how they're informing the future of design. The latest take on biophilic design; how are customization and individualization evolving; will circularity become a more important aspect of sustainability. Find out in this Studio Session.

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