Smart Security Trends Report: Physical Security Disruption in the Covid Era

The impacts of COVID continue to plague organizations and force them to adapt to the realities of today. Luckily, the massive work-from-home movement is now a regular routine. But as greater portions of the nation become vaccinated and businesses begin to start reopening their doors to employees, customers, and students, it’s important to take a look at key trends that will help organizations rebound better.

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Digital Transformation and the Future of the Smart Home: How To Choose a Smart Apartment Provider for Your Projects

There is a lot of chatter about digital transformation these days, but what does it really mean? Defining digital transformation will look different in each application, but in essence, it’s the employment of digital technology to all areas of our everyday life. This paper investigates some of the growing demands residents are making on their management companies and how you can deliver on those needs.

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2020 Vision for Multifamily Property Physical Security: Five Statistics to Focus Your Energy This Year

Property owners and managers like you are expected to answer some big questions as you create short and long-term strategies for your properties. To better understand the market need, Brivo and Security Management Magazine recently surveyed more than 500 security professionals on their vision to improve physical security practices and make better security decisions. This report shares the goals, challenges and positive impacts revealed in the survey.

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PropTech Investments to Improve Your Multifamily Portfolio

Your Multifamily Technology Opportunity: How, when and why offering better physical security and broader property technology solutions increases your revenue.

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Five Ways to Eliminate the Biggest Challenges Property Managers Face Today

How might a facility, property or asset management company respond to challenges so they can spend more time attracting reliable tenants and increasing revenue?

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