Adaptability and Space Division with Modular Shelving

With the fluid nature of almost all industries today, partly due to societal disruptions caused by the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be able to pivot their models and accommodate future changes with ease. Flexible design is imperative for adaptable commercial interiors, as is being able to divide space for different uses down the line.

This course will discuss how modular shelving and storage systems can help meet these important objectives. We will explore the components and design options for flexible shelving and storage systems and how they can help future-proof offices, retail stores, and hospitality facilities.


How Toll Brothers Drives Value with Storage Solution Options

Toll Brothers, Inc. is the homebuilding industry’s number-one performer in seven out of nine categories, according to Fortune magazine. Consider, for example, a single revenue metric - the average income generated from home upgrades and site premiums. This homebuilder meets buyers’ growing desire for custom closets with an important component of the selection process: the new home’s storage systems.

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The Surprising Upgrade Advantage of Organized Living

Welcome to the upgrade option homebuilders have been waiting for…an Organized Living closet system. Learn 8 reasons why homebuilders nationwide have turned to a new upgrade option to delight homebuyers and multiply profits.

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Storage Trends Among Homebuyers: Having space for stuff matters

Organization means efficiency, and efficiency is a time saver. It’s not surprising that well-appointed closets and a mix of different storage spaces throughout a home consistently appear on homebuyer wish lists - right along with open floorplans, flex rooms, laundry rooms, and pantries.

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