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This pre-recorded video presentation addresses the hot button topics surrounding broadband in the multifamily environment. Listen to what the experts have to say about the impact of connected devices on a network, value, differentiators, ROI and the future of connectivity.

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Letting the Tools Do the Talking: Where Presentation Software Meets Sales Enablement Best Practices

Sales enablement isn’t merely an option anymore. It’s a necessity, and should include a dynamic approach that adapts to changing demands and client needs. Make a difference for your sales team.

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Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Google Ads ROI

Online advertising is the key to passive lead generation, but your target audience is tiny. You need to find the person who not only wants to live in your city, but also wants to rent and not buy. This paper provides 5 easy steps to help you target your market and get profitable conversions.

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Google My Business for Apartments: How to Dominate a Local Search

The steps to finding your website at the top of the search engine are not complex, but if you don't know where to start they may seem to be. This paper breaks it down into easy action items that will help you make the most of this valuable lead source.

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2020 LBM Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Training Report

The LBM industry has grown steadily for nine years, with the top 100 ProSales dealers growing their combined revenue to $61.46 billion, according to the 2019 ProSales 100 report. However, this success doesn’t mean the industry is without its challenges. The biggest challenges are in hiring, training, and retaining quality employees, according to more than half (58%) of ProSales magazine readers in a 2019 survey.

In response to this industrywide challenge, Dealer’s Choice and ProSales magazine conducted a joint survey, in 2020, to benchmark the hiring, retention, and training practices of construction supply dealers. The research found that most dealers have recruitment, retention, and training practices, but the degree to which they offer them varies greatly.

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Don't Sacrifice Rent Growth During a Softening Market

The objective for your multi-family properties should not only be to fill vacancies, but also to get the highest rent possible in your marketplace. This eBook shows strategies on how to do that and also provides case studies of what worked for three top performing companies. Learn how to get the highest returns in any market condition.

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Targeting Profitability through Customer Stratification

Boost profitability through customer stratification. Customer stratification is a tool that can help your organization identify which clients warrant greater investments of your time and energy and which ones erode your profits by overloading your resources with demands. The practice of customer stratification allows LBM business leaders to focus on their best customers and minimize time on unprofitable partnerships.

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Choosing an LBM Technology partner

How 3 key themes are the frame we use to help you choose the right tools to streamline operations, drive growth, thrive and compete.

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How to Outperform in an Era of LBM Sales Growth

Discover strategies and tools used by top LBM dealers and distributors to capitalize on periods of growth to become more efficient, more profitable, and better positioned competitively. If your business isn’t growing faster than your competitors’ business, you’re losing market share. And it’s relative growth that counts - because relative growth impacts your purchasing power, customer perception, and competitive positioning.

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How to Know When You’ve Outgrown Your Current Software Solution

If you’ve started to think your lumber and building materials (LBM) supply business could be getting more from your software solution, then this document may provide some food for thought. The relationship between your business and your software solution are clear. Software system upgrades are not decisions to take lightly. Read these 10 indicators that you have outgrown your current solution and ready to move on to a new option.

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