Multifamily Laundry Room 2.0

For multifamily developers, owners, and property managers the stakes couldn’t be higher. Today, many owners have been forced to up their game to keep pace with the competition to capture and retain the loyalty of tenants through amenities. This whitepaper examines the transformation of an amenity frequently overlooked in the property’s portfolio of resident advantages - the laundry room. Central to this amenity is the washer and dryer technology that powers it.

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Meet The Rising Preference

Here why Top Builders are choosing Electrolux to be their appliance supplier of choice.

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Helping You Sell More Homes Faster & Easier

10 reasons why you want to include the Electrolux and Frigidaire team in your bid process.
Sell More Homes; Accelerate Sales; Multiply Profits & Win Future Projects.

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Induction Cooktop video

This video explains the functions, benefits and the technology that makes induction cooktops a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional gas and electric models.

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Café Collection Video

Customizable appliances that range from modern to traditional, comfortable to contemporary. Check out these fresh ideas and stylish options for your clients looking to make a statement with their kitchen design.

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Using Smart Appliances to Solve Multifamily Challenges

This paper details the perceived value proposition of smart appliances to multifamily property owners and managers as well as the drivers and barriers of smart appliance adoption.

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Appliance Selection Guide

GE Appliances is helping their builder clients grow. Here are the brand offerings and programs that will help you compete in any market.

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Multifamily-Tough Appliances

See why these appliances stand the test of time and hold up to even the toughest tenants.

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Globally Inspired, Forward-Thinking Kitchen Design That Impacts Sustainability, Safety, and Accessibility

The internet has given American consumers unfettered access to the global market, which is greatly influencing our design choices, from clothing and furniture to home and even kitchen design. Whether it’s an indoor/outdoor connection with a breezy island feel, architectural details reminiscent of French bistros, or the functional minimalism of Scandinavia, kitchens play a significant role in expressing the style of a home and its homeowners, which is more global than ever. This course will take a closer look at these global influences, including forward-thinking design ideas from abroad that will impact the sustainability, safety, and accessibility of kitchens. The course will also discuss innovative kitchen appliances that complement many kitchen styles and will explore several case studies that allowed designers to integrate global influences, wellness, and sustainability into their designs.


Frigidaire Builder Solutions

Electrolux and Frigidaire offer a wide range of appliances and kitchen packages to meet every type of consumer and budget, helping builders to sell more homes and increase project delivery.

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