Tracking Progress

In the second of three Vision 2020 conference calls for the year, the Vision 2020 section chairs report back to one another on new developments and on-going progress in their respective areas.

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Meet the 2013 Vision 2020 Chairs

Kicking off the 2013 conference call series for Vision 2020, ECOHOME gathered the new class of section chairs for an introductory call. Meet each chair and hear about the top issues they’re working on in their respective areas.

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Department of Energy Report: Retrofit Techniques & Technologies: Air Sealing

This guide will help homeowners identify ways to make their homes more comfortable, more energy efficient, and healthier to live in. It also will provide contractors and remodelers with the necessary supporting documentation to explain the value of these air sealing measures to their customers.

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Sustainability in Practice: 2030 and Beyond

Take a deeper dive with industry experts on their latest sustainable design projects and how they are leading the way to net zero.

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The Future is Biophilic – Exploring Biophilic Design in the Built Environment

Biophilic design has solidified itself as a staple of modern building design, quickly moving from a trend to an established design principle. An increasing number of building owners and tenants are interested in incorporating biophilic design into their commercial spaces, and because biophilic design IS the future of design, architects and designers are stepping up to meet the need. This course will help architects and designers understand the core concepts of biophilic design and why it’s an essential component of the current interior built environment, as well as the future of commercial spaces.