This course will discuss the benefits of utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel on projects throughout North America. Steel is a durable and efficient building material that has been used since the Industrial Revolution.

It's cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and strong. If it has one weakness, it is the fact it corrodes when exposed to the atmosphere; therefore, it is important to consider corrosion protection methods when constructing projects with exposed steel.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate hot-dip galvanizing and other zinc coatings.
  • Identify reasons specifiers choose galvanized steel (corrosion protection, durability, availability, versatility, longevity, sustainability, and aesthetics).
  • Understand factors that affect hot-dip galvanized steel performance in various environments.
  • Recognize the positive environmental and economic contributions of hot-dip galvanizing to the goals of sustainable development.