Manufactured stone veneer is an inspirational design element, born from innovative technology and creative solutions. Also known as MSV, manufactured stone veneer is a lightweight, non-load bearing building material used as a decorative wall covering for exterior or interior surfaces in both residential and commercial construction.

Manufactured stone veneer products adhere to any structurally sound surface and require a simple installation process of lath, scratch coat, mortar, and grout. Each color and texture uses a blend of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates, and iron oxide pigments. Even on close examination, manufactured stone looks and feels like natural stone.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the environmental and economic benefits of specifying manufactured stone veneer in architectural projects.
  • Compare and contrast manufactured stone veneer to natural stone.
  • Assess the durability and constructability of manufactured stone veneer.
  • Analyze how manufactured stone veneer can be specified in projects.

Pre-Requisite: None