Gas fireplaces are an energy efficient and sustainable home heating solution. This course will provide a clear understanding of gas fireplaces, home heat management, and the associated benefits, including home energy savings, safety considerations, installation options, and common gas fireplace solutions. After taking this course, architects, designers and builders will be able to deliver informative solutions to clients about heat management and gas fireplace installations in their homes.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast gas fireplaces with other heat sources relative to industry demand and learn about the environmental benefits of gas fuel.
  • Examine energy efficiency and sustainability features of gas fireplaces and analyze technological advances of modern gas fireplaces.
  • Review general fireplace safety considerations and features of gas fireplaces as well as safety tests and certifications.
  • Explore installation types and understand various design options and venting requirements for gas fireplaces.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of gas fireplaces.