Fireplaces have long evoked feelings of comfort and coziness, but traditionally aren’t energy efficient or cost-effective to maintain. Modern gas fireplaces with direct vent and heat management technology provide homeowners with a wide range of home heating solutions. These technologies – both mechanical and passive - improve whole-home comfort, reduce energy consumption, and improve the safety of operating a fireplace. Consumer demand for fireplaces is high, and builders and architects with the most updated knowledge on modern fireplace and home heating solutions can help customers improve the value of their home.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the concept of heat management and describe how modern fireplaces improve occupant experience, particularly thermal comfort.
  • Explore fireplace options and analyze various heat management systems used in modern fireplaces that can improve user safety and comfort.
  • Identify which heat management solutions are best for different applications and how to safely use gas fireplaces.
  • Understand key design and installation considerations for specifying fireplaces with heat management systems.

Pre-Requisite: None