The move toward healthy homes & buildings has pushed design professionals to blend indoor/outdoor spaces and increase the number and size of exterior openings. As the trends for outdoor living continue to be a top consideration for homeowners, motorized retractable screen specification provides an option for building professionals to help clients maximize their livable space while managing daylight, solar heat gain, and ventilation.

These screens benefit occupancy wellness by providing excellent thermal benefits, airflow, and the ability to control humidity. This course will provide an overview of motorized retractable screens, discussing the design and installation requirements, the different applications where these screens can be used, as well as the thermal benefits of using solar mesh and clear vinyl options.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how motorized retractable screens enhance the overall experience of occupants through the management of light, temperature, insects, air flow, and privacy.
  • Examine the components of motorized retractable screens, such as fabric choice, material integration options, and design and mounting options that enhance occupant experience and aesthetics.
  • Analyze dual roller applications, specifically the combination of clear vinyl and solar motorized retractable screens, as a way to increase occupant comfort in the built environment.
  • Compare and contrast several case studies that specify enable motorized retractable screens which enhance occupancy comfort, provide protection from outdoor elements, and enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Pre-Requisite: None.