A large proportion of today’s restroom users, from millennials to caregivers to individuals with personal medical needs, view privacy as a key amenity. Additionally, as all-gender restrooms rise in popularity and may even be required by law in public facilities in some states, privacy has taken a lead role in dialogues surrounding restroom design.

Although there are several avenues through which privacy can be achieved, toilet partition design offers a balance of practicality and privacy that other solutions cannot. This course will review the factors that have contributed to the rise of privacy as an expectation, offer design solutions that can achieve various levels of privacy in commercial restrooms, and consider the impact of privacy solutions on various ADA compliance considerations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the factors that have contributed to privacy as a design expectation in many building types.
  • Understand different toilet partition design solutions and their varying degrees of privacy.
  • Review cost-benefit analyses and construction implications of privacy solutions.
  • Review ADA compliance considerations associated with privacy toilet partition design.

Pre-Requisite: None.