The next 10 years are critical to the global climate movement. How far behind are we on delivering on the promise of the Paris Agreement? Why is the building sector poised to make a difference? How can we take action in our cities and local communities? And how can we best support immediate and impactful actions and policies on the international stage?

This content was produced thanks to funding from the AIA California as part of the CarbonPositive Conference, a partnership between Architect Magazine and Architecture 2030.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the urgency and potential impact of quick and dramatic carbon reductions by the global building sector for heading off the worst impacts of climate change.
  • Identify national and international policy initiatives and commitments that architects and other building sector professionals can collectively advocate for and/or participate in to drive reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Identify the impact of carbon emissions from the building sector in both established and emerging global markets, and how the building industry can set responsible, equitable global carbon emission standards.
  • Discuss how architects can combat global climate change within their professional practices and communities, at the local, national, and international levels.

Pre-Requisite: None.