This course will discuss control layers of a sloped wood framed roof assembly. We will be talking about code provisions for roofs and sustainable building practices. We will also discuss the differences between ventilated and unventilated assemblies. To wrap up, we will look at some changes outlined in the 2018 code and look at different systems that integrate the functions of air, water and thermal performance in different assemblies.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the primary functions of a wood-framed sloped roof including four primary, code-based barriers for high performance, green and sustainable buildings
  • Define the common options for wood-framed sloped roofs related to ventilation, insulation, and current (2015) code requirements
  • Review the emerging research and 2018 code provisions that address new variations in unvented wood-framed sloped roof assemblies
  • Compare some of the different methods for providing continuous and integrated air, water, and thermal barriers in roof assemblies

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of roof assemblies.