The laundry room is getting more attention from interior designers, appliance manufacturers, and homeowners. The space has traditionally been an afterthought but is quickly evolving into a multipurpose room thanks in part to shifting homeowner demand and technology advances in washers and dryers.

This course will examine how modern laundry rooms are being used, what architects and builders should look for when designing the laundry space, considerations on how to connect washers and dryers with the rest of the home, and how builders can begin to integrate a whole-home appliance approach into new, custom homes.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine how laundry rooms are used as multi-purpose rooms that save time and reduce stress for homeowners.
  • Explore how an optimized, beautiful laundry room can boost homeowner satisfaction and meet accessibility standards.
  • Identify new, innovative technologies for washers and dryers that improve accessibility and wellness.
  • Analyze how homeowners and builders can benefit from using the wholehouse approach to purchase appliances when specifying for new or existing construction.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of appliance specification.