Heavy timber has been used in the building industry for centuries. This course provides a description and definition of heavy timber and its subcomponents and how these components can be utilized for the benefit of the occupants. Sustainability and Fire Safety are primary concerns of Heavy Timber and this course will explain specifics on these topics. In addition, this course will provide an overview of the design process as it relates to avoiding delays due to unnecessary design changes.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe heavy timber and its uses in residential and commercial construction and introduce how the growing trend of mass timber is changing design and construction.
  • Explore the advantages and benefits of heavy timber in residential and commercial construction and design and compare heavy timber with other common building materials.
  • Identify the sustainability and fire safety properties of heavy timber and how to apply them to various building projects and applications.
  • Recognize potential delays and risks involved with heavy timber building projects and understand how to prevent challenges in manufacturing and design.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of wood construction.