Whether you are taking this course in 2020 or beyond, you have lived through an unprecedented global pandemic that has changed how we approach life. What it means to work, socialize with friends and family, and even prepare a meal altered drastically within the space of a few weeks. People who barely knew how to turn on their oven started experimenting in the kitchen; others, accustomed to dining out, found themselves food prepping for weeks at a time; and many people with families, partners, or roommates found themselves once again gathering together at meal times. Included in all of its life-altering impacts, the pandemic has changed the way we live at home, including how we utilize our kitchens, home offices, and technology.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine how the kitchen has evolved from a utilitarian to social space and how recent COVID-19 events may further this evolution.
  • Explore the idea of a wellness kitchen and how kitchen design can improve wellness and nutrition.
  • Discover how kitchen appliances, both large and small, optimize food preservation, minimize stress in the kitchen, and help people stay connected.
  • Analyze how working from home will affect future residential design, and how kitchen appliances can be incorporated into a home office.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of kitchen design.