Building and design professionals have been faced with substantial challenges in 2020. COVID-19 altered the construction industry’s forecasts and disrupted the market like nothing seen before. Now, being innovative isn’t a choice, it’s a requirement.

This course will help building and design professionals understand the trends facing the industry, how they can adapt, and stay ahead of the curve. The course will also introduce innovation management principles and the skills needed to implement them, plus provide an overview of new and innovative products hitting the market.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand current business trends affecting design professionals, builders, and contractors and how economic challenges of COVID-19 are forcing professionals to think outside the box.
  • Define innovation, learn the principles of innovation management and how to measure it, and discuss how to innovate during a crisis.
  • Assess how to measure innovation activities, source data, and implement innovation during a crisis, and understand the catalysts for change in the construction industry.
  • Examine innovations in green building practices and how standardization is driving innovation, as well as evaluate the potential impact of financial incentives to invest in innovative activities.

Pre-Requisite: None.