All of the same moisture and vapor drive dynamics that occur in wall assemblies can also take place in a wood framed floor assembly, especially over a crawl space. This course will take a closer look at the building science of vapor drive that can lead to moisture issues in wood floor assemblies when proper sequencing of materials to allow drying is not accounted for in design. It will address the use of some of the most common construction and material options in wood-framed flooring assemblies. It will also look at some guidelines and best practices to help reduce the likelihood of developing problems over the life of the building.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and recognize the health and safety issues of moisture and vapor drive in wood framed floor assemblies, particularly over crawl space foundations.
  • Investigate the building code requirements and exceptions related to crawl space design, ventilation, and protection of the structure.
  • Assess the characteristics of subflooring and finish flooring materials that can contribute to moisture and vapor issues in a wood floor assembly.
  • Review best practices and identify solutions as found in building projects that incorporate the principles presented for successful, safe floor construction.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of flooring systems.