Different generations often have different values, priorities, and spending habits. By understanding some of the fundamental characteristics of those aged 30-44, a generational cross-section of Gen Xers and Millennials, design professionals can better cater to their needs. Everything from home size to social media use to environmental concerns impact the way younger Gen Xers and older Millennials build, renovate, and think about design.

Having a basic understanding of how this age group engages with the design process, as well as having a solid grasp of mindful design, sustainable kitchen design, and planned durability, will enable specifiers to attract, connect with, and propose solutions that align with their clients’ goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact of generational traits of younger Gen Xers and older Millennials on homebuying, renovating, and design.
  • Evaluate suggestions for sustainable kitchen design, including IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), ventilation, cabinets, and lighting.
  • Assess how mindful design can positively impact wellbeing and sustainability, as well as cater to younger clients.
  • Appraise mindful kitchen appliances designed for "planned durability" and with wellness and the environment in mind.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of kitchen design best practices.