More consumers view their home’s outdoor space as an extension of livable space and have higher expectations for its design and use. Among outdoor renovations, the most attention has been paid to renovating or overhauling decks.

Architects that understand the trends driving this change and the materials best suited for longevity and performance can help homeowners, developers, and builders create a better outdoor experience. Learners in this course will learn what these trends are, design practices for inclusive outdoor spaces, designing for safety, and innovative new products and materials for modern decks.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine how recent building and design trends focus on creating a functional, multipurpose outdoor living space enhancing occupancy comfort.
  • Understand the role of universal design in outdoor living spaces and how to design a deck for all ages and stages.
  • Examine sustainability and safety considerations for outdoor living spaces and identify outdoor building products to enhance user safety.
  • Demonstrate the advantages of co-extruded composite decking and how these advantages improve the experience for all occupants of the outdoor space.

Pre-Requisite: None.