This course will discuss a modular, wall-mounted, and freestanding shelving system that has quickly become a modern classic in retail stores, hotels, offices, and other commercial applications. The system provides the perfect background for shelving, signage, space definition, and product display, while also providing hidden and accessible storage. With a range of design options in finishes such as fabric, metal, or wood panels, light boxes, and power integration, these modular systems can be specified to match virtually any brand’s aesthetic. The course will examine the history of modular shelving systems and explore the components, design options, and applications for the product.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the history of modular shelving systems and how modernism influenced their design.
  • Identify the various components of today’s modular, wall- and floor-mounted shelving and storage and understand how the systems work.
  • Discover the wide variety of options available for modular shelving systems, including lighting, the incorporation of graphics, and finishes.
  • Explore case studies where modular, wall-mounted shelving systems were used in a variety of markets.

Pre-requisite: None.