This course will provide learners with an introduction to Green Concrete. In addition, the course will examine the key components of Green Concrete Mixtures, illustrate some performance attributes of High-performance Green Concrete, and demonstrate the need for a process and methodology for quantifying sustainable concrete. Finally, the course will look at various project profiles that specified Green Concrete mixtures and how architects can incorporate this material to specify Green Concrete with a comparative life cycle assessment or Eco-Efficiency Analysis.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the term, ‘Green’ Concrete and the key components with respect to powder materials and chemical admixture.
  • Describe the performance attributes of high-performance Green Concrete (HPGC).
  • Analyze the need to quantify sustainability and understanding balance and trade-off.
  • Develop concrete specifications for projects to include specific requirements for HPGCs and sustainable concrete for ecological benefits.
  • Explore various high-profile projects where high-performance sustainable Green Concrete has been used.

Pre-requisite Knowledge: Basic knowledge of concrete.