Proper ventilation while cooking is vital for indoor air quality and must be addressed early in the building process. Downdraft ventilation offers flexibility in design and aesthetics, but it suffers from a poor reputation due to performance issues in early iterations of the technology.

This course covers the importance of indoor air quality, a brief history of cooktop ventilation, and historical challenges with downdraft ventilation. It will discuss a revolutionary, systems-based approach to downdraft ventilation that addresses these challenges, including specification and installation considerations for this new innovation.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the critical connection between indoor air quality and kitchen ventilation appliances.
  • Examine challenges with traditional downdraft ventilation and how integrated downdraft ventilation can overcome many of these challenges.
  • Explore the components and technologies of this downdraft system that optimize performance and aesthetics.
  • Describe specification and installation considerations for downdraft ventilation, including the benefits of downdraft ventilation over traditional hoods.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of ventilation best practices.