Many materials such as vinyl and composites try to replicate the look of Cedar, but it is difficult to achieve the wood grain, color, and feel of Real Cedar. In addition, it is compatible with numerous architectural styles, from modern to traditional, and is endlessly versatile.

This course will explore the design versatility of Western Red Cedar, exterior and interior applications, and the value that Western Red Cedar brings to a project. We will also compare Western Red Cedar to alternative building materials and demonstrate how it is often imitated but never duplicated in numerous project applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the design versatility of Western Red Cedar, including finishes, profiles, and applications.
  • Discover the value Western Red Cedar can bring to a project, from return on investment via curb appeal to expansive outdoor living spaces.
  • Compare Western Red Cedar to alternative siding and decking materials and understand why the color and grain of Cedar are often imitated but never duplicated.
  • Examine a case study where Western Red Cedar was used for its versatility, value, and longevity.

Pre-Requisite: None.