This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. Emails are part of the oxygen of our daily professional lives. They are a primary path of communication and we use them to get things done. Yet given the litigious nature of our world, it is critical to treat this common form of communication with the attention it needs and think very carefully about what we write and why we write it.

This program presents examples of self-implicating and subsequently weaponized emails and guidelines for writing appropriate, shorter, clearer messages.

Learning Objectives

  • Today‚Äôs program participants will explore the best practices for writing well-crafted emails that are clear, concise and actionable.
  • With the study of emails from actual claims cases and disputes, attendees will examine and edit these cited emails, identifying inappropriate text and discussing alternative language or alternative methods of communication.
  • Throughout this program attendees will be able to recognize and comprehend email communication that could create a misunderstanding, exacerbate an issue, or complicate the sender in a claim.
  • By the conclusion of this program, attendees will be able to use litmus test questions to evaluate their emails before sending them; and to access the need to send or further revise an email message with additional recommended preemptive actions.

Pre-requisite: None.