Webinar On-Demand: This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. Do you see “by others” on your project details?  Too often that translates into “who is responsible” and “how should it be done.” With this confusion, it is not surprising to hear that building enclosure failure generally occurs within three percent of the total enclosure.  Enclosure repair and replacement in North America remains a multi-billion dollar expenditure.  The majority of the problems are moisture related.  They are caused either by air leakage or exterior moisture penetration because of lack of proper terminations and transitions.  This presentation will address construction concerns throughout the project related to moisture intrusion at these critical connections.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how common construction practices and materials required by building codes translate into performance expectations (Project Phase: Conception).
  • Identify the ways product chemistries, environmental conditions, adjacent materials, and installation practices impact material adhesion and compatibility (Project Phase: Design).
  • Evaluate typical building enclosure connectivity details for potential issues related to air, water and thermal performance and resiliency (Project Phase: Pre-Construction).
  • Verify installation practices using mock-ups and on-site testing (Project Phase: Construction).

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of building enclosure best practices.