Brick is a timeless look. It can bring out the classic beauty of weathered architecture or let the elements of a modern building shine through. It appears brick is always in style and in demand. The market for brick is growing, too. Designers and builders don’t have to use brick to get the look of brick. Thin brick veneer combines the aesthetic of brick without the weight or cost. It can be used in new builds, renovations, inside and out. Thin brick veneer comes in different varieties and styles, and its flexibility can be used in almost any project.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide an overview of thin brick veneer and discuss the system’s advantages and design considerations.
  • Discuss design considerations for thin brick veneer, such as application methods, and review relevant building code requirements and guidelines.
  • Study thin brick veneer material specifications, shapes and sizes, mortar, and adhesive used in installation.
  • Explain installation methods for thick and thin set, modular, and prefabricated thin brick veneer systems.
  • Evaluate practical applications for thin brick veneer and summarize case studies in commercial and residential projects.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of thin brick applications.