This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. Water heating is a major energy end-use in commercial buildings, and is very significant in certain commercial building types. Many commercial building owners and operators have a critical need for water heating systems which are reliable, able to meet varying levels of demand, energy efficient, and able to fit within a building’s space constraints in order to maintain their business operations.

Propane tankless water heaters are a flexible and energy efficient technology which provides these attributes in many commercial applications. This course will explore how commercial buildings use energy and the potential application of propane tankless systems to provide a solution for water heating needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Define commercial building market segments, identify key energy use trends, and understand the significance of water heating energy in this market.
  • Identify key operational and installation benefits of propane tankless water heaters in commercial building applications.
  • Assess the energy efficiency advantages of propane tankless water heaters in commercial building applications.
  • Identify the contributions that propane tankless water heaters can make towards LEED certification of commercial buildings.

Prerequisite: Understanding of water heating systems.