Few building materials have been used for centuries and offer the strength and versatility of concrete. Waterproofing concrete is critical for a functional, reputable and long-lasting structure.

This educational unit will identify the consequences of non-waterproofed concrete. In addition, the course will explore how traditional waterproofing methods are used to protect concrete. Finally, the course will examine integral crystalline waterproofing methods, as well as some case study applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify problems that arise when concrete structures are not waterproofed.
  • Analyze traditional methods used to protect concrete from water and the potential limitations.
  • Examine Integral Crystalline Waterproofing and best practices for implementation by building professionals.
  • Explore different applications and projects where Integral Crystalline Waterproofing has provided a solution.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of concrete applications.