This course will examine the rapidly expanding warehouse vertical and identify opportunities for using propane in these buildings. Many warehouses are built in rural areas because there are fewer space constraints to accommodate these large facilities, and land is less expensive, but these locations are sometimes not serviced by natural gas pipelines.

We will discuss the challenges of designing warehouses and distribution centers in rural areas, especially those that do not have natural gas service, and how propane can help meet energy and resiliency needs. In addition, this course will explore the many applications for propane in warehouses and distribution centers and case studies where propane was used in warehouse facilities nationwide.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the growth of the warehouse sector and how warehouse construction has evolved, particularly with the proliferation of e-commerce.
  • Describe the challenges of supplying energy to warehouses and distribution centers in rural areas and why it's sometimes difficult to meet energy needs in these locations.
  • Identify the energy needs of warehouse facilities and opportunities for using propane to power mechanical systems and amenities within these buildings.
  • Explore several case studies where propane systems were used to heat and power different types of warehouse facilities across the United States.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of propane applications.