This course dives into two main areas of residential architectural styles, starting with pre-2008 recession to examine patterns and meaning behind historical trends. The second and core piece of the course moves forward into the road ahead to look at the changing influences on home design. Learners will understand the macro influences currently impacting residential exterior design and how those influences translate to ornamentation and finishing choices, such as colors, materials, and roofing.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how home styles have shifted since 2008 and how consumer trends influence residential architectural design.
  • List the new ways consumers are using their homes because of the pandemic, including specifying key consumer uses where the home acts like its own ecosystem.
  • Name the three macro influences that are impacting residential architectural styles right now and the two primary design styles that characterize each major trend.
  • Explain how architectural styles differ between macro themes and also within distinct trends and examine how finishes, materials, and roof pairings can be used for each one.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of roofing specification.