The intent of this article is to explain how Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) compares to Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), Fiber Cement and Precast Concrete (from a material performance and façade perspective) and provide architects with a clear set of essential tools that will help to facilitate optimal design and installation of UHPC rainscreen facades. Subsequently, the article will also discuss which drivers may shift the expense of a UHPC façade project and explain how to achieve the best installed appearance and performance characteristics through the use of recommended specifications and attachment solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare the material performance benefits of UHPC in comparison to GFRC, Precast Concrete and Fiber Cement materials.
  • Explore the unique characteristics of specifying UHPC rainscreen for projects to achieve optimal results.
  • Analyze how color variability in UHPC panels can be used to create a more aesthetic experience for the occupants of the space.
  • Examine the key elements for architects to consider when specifying UHPC rainscreen façade to ensure the best quality results and appearance for the project.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of facades.