While most kitchens do have ventilation systems, homeowners often don’t use them properly and aren’t aware of how quickly cooking can negatively impact a home’s indoor air quality. This course discusses that impact and how proper specification of ventilation systems can significantly improve indoor air quality to protect occupant health and safeguard a home’s fixtures and furnishings from detrimental grease and odors. We will cover how to achieve proper sizing and positioning of a ventilation system, design and customization options, as well as projects where ventilation systems were used to maximize style and safety in residential kitchens.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the critical connection between kitchen ventilation systems and indoor air quality.
  • Explain how to properly size and position a ventilation system to optimize indoor air quality.
  • Describe important specification considerations for ventilation systems>
  • Explore ventilation design options and residential kitchen projects where these systems were used to maximize style and safety.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of kitchen design principles.