Capital Raising in 2022

This survey summary provides benchmarking data on fundraising performance, goals and strategies with peer-driven insights about how sponsors are raising capital. Read more about how much capital was raised in 2021, from whom, and how that compared to previous years; how long it took to raise capital from first call to final close; fundraising technologies and thoughts on market competitiveness, plans and priorities for 2022.

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Amenity Trends that Boost Resident Satisfaction

From resident retention to attracting the best leasing candidates, amenities are the key. To be successful you need to stay informed on the latest trends. This paper will help you create value through offerings and improvements.

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Contractor's Corner: 7 Ways to Happy Customers and Getting Paid Faster

Are you having issues getting paid for your work? It may not be what you think. Dive into the common reasons why customers don't pay on-time and what you can do about it.

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Contractor's Corner: Secrets to Managing Your Cashflow

How do you manage your business' cashflow to keep everything running smoothly - as well as plan ahead for periods of lower revenue? Learn what needs to go into a cashflow management process: from what drives the health of your cashflow, to tracking metrics, balancing seasonal changes, and more.

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Guide to Answering Services

An answering service is a solution made up of a team of trusted receptionists who answer missed calls on behalf of a company when they are unable to answer themselves. Find out more about this service and why it's important to your business.

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3 Reasons Why Deposits Need Replacement, Not Alternatives

Site team workload is central to property management companies' thinking about the processes they could implement to improve operations. Security deposits have been around in the multifamily industry since time immemorial, but they have increasingly become a suboptimal way of doing business.

This white paper will discuss the failures of deposits, and how replacing them with insurance reduces workload for property teams, improves customer experience, and boosts financial performance.

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A Resident Perspective on Package Delivery

Michelle Wood has worked in the multifamily industry for 20 years. As a renter she has a unique perspective on what she wants in a community. See how a package solution has made her neighborhood a more desirable place to live.

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Contractor's Corner: Time-Saving Hacks For Your Business

Learn how to implement readily available tools to manage day-to-day tasks that take up your valuable time. Improve your online reputation, earn amazing reviews, and win repeat business from satisfied customers.

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Contractor's Corner: 5 Things Every Contractor Needs For Business Growth

Are you growing your home service business? What areas do you need to make an investment in time or resources to compete more effectively in your local market? Bring your business to the next level with these 5 things contractors need.

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Complete Guide to Getting Facebook Reviews

92% of business searches on social media occur on Facebook. Creating a business page is one of the best ways to maximize your business’ online presence. Social reviews satisfy the curiosity of consumers and build your business’ brand image. They also boost your business’ SEO rankings and help gain an edge over competitors. Learn more about the key areas to getting Facebook reviews.

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