Competing on Convenience: How to Win the Retail Race

The word “convenience” is becoming an important part of the customer experience and something that our industry can leverage to better compete with big box retailers. You have the industry expertise, dedication to customer service, and community involvement that gives you an edge over your competition. By making it even more convenient for customers to do business, you can improve loyalty.

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10 Steps to Ensure You Select the Right ERP Software for Your Business

Deciding to invest in new ERP software is a major undertaking for any business. The software you select will impact employees, customers, and vendors and can even change some business processes. Training employees on new technology and updated workflows can be a scary proposition. It’s essential to clearly understand your organization’s requirements and effectively manage the information available for different ERP solutions to help ensure you choose the solution that best fits your needs.

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5 Benefits of Mobile Technology for LBM Businesses

Enterprise mobility is the present and future of the hardware and LBM industry. Our forward-thinking clients in this field are making the most of mobility solutions to empower their employees. Cashiers and other frontline workers, traditionally underserved with digital access, are becoming increasingly important to their businesses as mobility becomes the new norm. We are seeing our clients use enterprise mobility to drive competitive advantages and increase market share.

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Protect Your Business from Ransomware

During these unprecedented times with so many people working from home, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business data is protected. According to security experts the coronavirus (COVID-19) is being used in a variety of malicious campaigns including spam, malware, ransomware, and malicious domains. The cloud is the foundation of many of today’s business solutions and can be helpful in addressing data security as a requirement. In this report, learn about ransomware and discover who holds businesses’ data for ransom, why, and what steps you can take to help protect your business.

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2020 LBM Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Training Report

The LBM industry has grown steadily for nine years, with the top 100 ProSales dealers growing their combined revenue to $61.46 billion, according to the 2019 ProSales 100 report. However, this success doesn’t mean the industry is without its challenges. The biggest challenges are in hiring, training, and retaining quality employees, according to more than half (58%) of ProSales magazine readers in a 2019 survey.

In response to this industrywide challenge, Dealer’s Choice and ProSales magazine conducted a joint survey, in 2020, to benchmark the hiring, retention, and training practices of construction supply dealers. The research found that most dealers have recruitment, retention, and training practices, but the degree to which they offer them varies greatly.

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PropTech Investments to Improve Your Multifamily Portfolio

Your Multifamily Technology Opportunity: How, when and why offering better physical security and broader property technology solutions increases your revenue.

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Five Ways to Eliminate the Biggest Challenges Property Managers Face Today

How might a facility, property or asset management company respond to challenges so they can spend more time attracting reliable tenants and increasing revenue?

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Succession Planning for the LBM Dealer

Planning for succession in a small business can be a difficult situation. This whitepaper is a high-level guide on how to implement a succession plan and how to get your business in the best shape possible before the transition. Ideally, you want to end up with a thorough plan, in writing, with which all involved parties agree.

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Build Your LBMH Business for Success in Any Economy

Economic forces pressure businesses to adapt in order to survive. The result is an economy built on businesses that have made themselves immune to downturns. For the lumber, building materials, and hardware industry, the outcome has been a movement toward technological progress. LBMH businesses that have seized market share following shifts in the economy have shared common evolutionary advantages.

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Cash Is King: Improving Cash Flow with Efficient Accounts Receivable

The relationship between a company’s profitability and its cash flow isn’t always fully understood. Many businesses tend to manage operations from the bottom line, believing that if sales are increasing, the business is profitable and success is guaranteed. The problem with this thinking is that businesses don’t pay their vendors from the bottom line, they pay from positive cash flow. Read more about improving cash flow with effective Accounts Receivable.

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