Mineral wool is becoming well-known for its beneficial properties in thermal performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability. It is also widely used for fire protection as the raw ingredients are naturally fire-resistant. When combined with fire-rated assemblies, mineral wool insulation helps improve the fire performance of the building and enhances occupant safety.

This course will provide an overview of mineral wool insulation’s benefits, applicable fire performance building regulations, various occupant safety needs in different building occupancies, and discuss specific code-related applications where it can be used.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the advantages of mineral wool insulation that contribute to a safe built environment for occupants.
  • Identify building codes and standards pertaining to fire protection that can be referenced when specifying mineral wool insulation in the built environment.
  • Compare and contrast the occupancy safety needs between residential, critical occupancies, High-rise and Wildland-Urban Fire zones.
  • Examine applications where mineral wool insulation can be used to create a built environment that enhances the health, safety, and comfort of the occupants.

Pre-Requisite: Intermediate knowledge of insulation materials, codes, and standards.