Integrating interior and exterior spaces has been shown to provide occupants with myriad benefits in a variety of settings. Establishing a connection with the outdoors can improve health and wellbeing for occupants at home or in the office, as well as encouraging healing and reducing stress. In retail settings, connections with nature have been shown to increase consumer spending, and in any environment, views and sounds of nature have proven to reduce stress and enhance concentration. Folding, multi slide, and swing door systems lend themselves to occupant wellbeing by integrating interior and exterior spaces and seamlessly providing controllable access to nature.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the ways in which the human connection to nature and integrated interior and exterior spaces can contribute to occupant wellbeing, including the roles of light, color, air, and sound.
  • Assess the applications and material selection of folding, multi slide, and swing door wall systems and the ways in which they contribute to the human connection to nature and integrated spaces, including when designing for residential, restaurants, retail, resort, hospitality, and institutional applications.
  • Understand the style, function, and performance of folding, multi slide, and swing door wall systems.
  • Examine case studies that exemplify the role of door systems in connecting people to the outdoors and creating integrated interior and exterior spaces.

Prerequisite: None.